Lanre Johnson


Lanre Johnson was born in London in the mid 1960’s. She worked hard to get into university and then to become a successful corporate lawyer. Though she did not have any of her own, Lanre loved children and surrounded herself with them when she could. She volunteered at a local youth centre and gave financial support to several charities. Lanre was a kind, honest, determined and inspirational lady. The Lanre Johnson Charity has been set up in her memory and became a registered charity In January 2017, a year to the day of her untimely passing.

The Lanre Johnson Charity exists to: advance education by providing scholarships, bursaries and awards to, and grants for, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in pursuance of their studies.

We are a small charity and we do not accept unsolicited applications
We will give awards where we feel it will make the most impact on a young person’s life
The beneficiaries of our grants will be based in Africa, the Caribbean, India or in England

Registered charity number: 1171349

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